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Whether you're an athlete who has experienced an injury or you’re just trying to get the most from your body, we’ll help you find your Ideal Motion through empowerment, education, and exploration. Our bodies are meant to move, and we’re here to keep you moving well for as long as possible. Everyone is an athlete at Ideal Motion, whether you're sitting at a desk or training for an Ultra Marathon. Come find your true potential.


At Ideal Motion Spine & Sports Therapy, our focus is on your body's ability to move and heal. Our individualized patient-centered model addresses an injury from the ground up. We look at the structure, function, and performance of each individual. We start by focusing on your body's joints and soft tissue to alleviate pain and restore proper movement for your body to feel its best. We then perform a functional assessment to screen for pain-provoking movements or movement inefficiencies that may contribute to your problem. Once these issues are identified they are corrected and retrained under load, giving you the ability to apply these skills to everyday activities or sport-specific performances.